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Creating Business Intelligence for your Orgainzation INDBIF92

Integrated Course Outline


  • Exploring the paltform for SAS Business Analytics
  • introducing the course environment and scenario

Introducing the Business User Reporting Applications

  • Defining the business user role and reporting applications
  • Exploring the SAS Add In for Microsoft Office
  • Exploring the SAS Web Report Studio
  • Defining the interaction between the business user and the business analyst

Introducing Advanced Reporting Techniques and Roles

  • Defining the business analyst role and applications
  • Modifying an existing information map
  • Creating a new SAS BI Dashboard indicator
  • Creating data sources for reporting and analysis
  • Defining the interaction between the business analyst and the paltform administrator
  • Understanding SAS Data Integration capabilities

Creating an Information Map

  • Understanding SAS Information Maps
  • utilizing different data sources
  • Exploiting dynamic subsetting of data
  • Creating prefilters to subset the information map
  • Using the Information Map LIBNAME Engine
  • Creating information maps programmatically self-study

Building a SAS BI Dashboard Application

  • Understanding SAS BI Dashboard
  • Building the SAS BI Dashboard components
  • Building advanced SAS BI Dashboard components

Building Stored Processes

  • Understanding SAS Stored Process concepts
  • Creating a stored process from a SAS Enterprise Guide project
  • Creating a stored process from a SAS program
  • Creating stored process parameters
  • Creating a stored process to provide a dynamic data source

Utilizing Advanced Techniques with SAS Reports

  • Building advanced reports with SAS Web Report Studio
  • Creating and using SAS report templates
  • Linking reports in SAS Web Report Studio
  • Scheduling and distributing SAS Reports
  • Building SAS Reports with SAS Enterprise Guide
  • Creating Shared Prompts

Consolidating Information into a Business Reporting Application

  • Creating the business reporting application

Introducing Multidimensional Data Sources

  • Understanding online analytical processing concepts
  • Building an OLAP cube with SAS OLAP Cube Studio
  • Building an information map from a SAS OLAP cube

Introducing SAS Visual BI

  • Introduction to SAS Visual BI
  • Exploring the SAS integration with JMP

Examining the Environment Metadata

  • Reviewing the platform for SAS Business Analytics
  • Reviewing the course environment

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